Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ten Quick Review Ideas for the End of the School Year

By this time in the school year, many of us are out of fresh ideas when it comes to reviewing for exams or standardized tests. While you may already know some activities that will appeal to your students, you may want to break up the routine just a bit. Try some of these activities to increase retention and have fun at the same time. Ask students to:

  1. Use individual whiteboards to write and then share responses to questions.
  2. Have students make three dimensional graphic organizers with main ideas. See who can make the most complete graphic organizer within a set time limit.
  3. Divide a paper into several blocks and write a review fact in one of the blocks. They then ball up the paper and toss it to a classmate who adds a different fact. This continues until all blocks are filled.
  4.  Create flashcards and study them together. is a great online site for this activity.
  5. Write captions to photos, cartoons, and other illustrations about the topic.
  6. Play board games based on the topic or create and play their own board games.
  7. Tell classmate two facts. That classmate has to repeat them and add two more. Continue around the room
  8. Hold a contest to see who can write the most about the topic within a time limit. Share with the class.
  9. Create their own “legal cheat sheets” to use during a test.
  10. Have students record a series of facts or other important information on their phones and listen to the facts over and over until they know them.


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