Saturday, April 7, 2012

ONE Word Can Guarantee Student Engagement (You Have to See This)

Last October I had an opportunity to work with Rob Plevin, the founder of the British educational consulting firm, Behaviour Needs ( to produce a Webinar designed to help educators all over the world work to motivate their students successfully.
Plevin now is offering another free Webinar to teachers interested in engaging their students fully in the day’s instructional activities. Here is how you can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity:

If you are looking for some great ways to get your students engaged next term you’re going to love this free video...

It explains the ONE WORD that's guaranteed to make students literally BEG to be in your lessons and desperate for you to teach them. Seriously, if you want an EASY way to get your students engaged next lesson you really need to see this!

It also shows an often-overlooked reason why some of your students won't/don't work in your lessons and what you can do to get them involved next lesson.

This is what Celine (one of our customers) had to say about the video...
"Just listened to your video on student engagement strategies. My husband was astonished to see me so totally absorbed in something work-related whilst on holiday. Thanks for some great ideas."
Celine Lambert

If you’d like to watch it here is the link: