Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quiz Yourself! How Close Are You to Being a Perfect Teacher?

Listen to a Quick Interview!

Have you checked out the interview I did with Rae Pica, Bonnie Harris, and David Boomfeld on the educators's channel at BAM radio yet? It does not take long and may give you some ideas about how to handle things when students push your buttons.

Quiz Yourself!

Maintaining a reflective practice is something that comes easy to most teachers. We are always looking for ways to teach better and to interact with our students in meaningful and productive ways. One way to think about how you can improve or, if you are a novice teacher-to-be (congrats on getting the job!), is to think about what students really want from a teacher.

In working on the third edition of the book I've written for new teachers, I came across this self-assessment that I wrote a year or so ago. In it, you'll find the character traits that students want from their teachers. Quiz yourself...if you are already checking out teacher blogs, you'll probably do just fine!

Don't forget--the more you can check below, the closer to the ideal teacher your students will thin you are!

The perfect teacher:

1. _____Enjoys being around all students and does not have favorites

2. _____Assigns lots of different types of activities

3. _____Has a great sense of humor

4. _____Understands student problems and tries to help

5. _____Acts like an adult and not a child

6. _____Doesn’t just hand out assignments, but teaches the material

7. _____Always keeps promises

8. _____Is strict, but not too strict

9. _____Admits when he or she is wrong

10. _____Makes sure everyone understands how to do an assignment correctly

11. _____Is well-organized

12. _____Spends time after class to help students

13. _____Returns papers promptly

14. _____Is friendly and fair to everyone

15. _____Knows the subject matter

16. _____Does not allow lots of misbehavior

17. _____Stays open-minded

18. _____Is enthusiastic about the subject

19. _____Is willing to listen to both sides of an issue

20. _____Is polite to everyone all of the time

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