Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome Teachers!


Welcome to a Blog that has been a long time in the making! 

I have been writing about teaching for a long time. As a practicing teacher, it is not always easy to find the time to write about school, but I have found that thinking about my day and how to be a better teacher is always easier when I can write about it. Although my books are intended to help other teachers, I find it easy to use them myself.

The event that has sparked this blog is my newest book--the one pictured here. Like the my previous books, it is intended to help teachers not just reach every student, but enjoy their school days as well. When school goes well, everyone--teachers and students alike--wins.  

In addition the normal sorts of Bloggy topics that many other educators write about, I intend to use this site to publish suggestions about how to handle some of the most common discipline issues that classroom teachers face every day. Look for a fresh scenario each week. The first one, published here, is one that we all have to manage successfully from time to time--dress code violations.

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